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Kendall H Nightlinger   (#39)   

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Rochester Hills, Hes, MI
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586-336-0856 ext. 144
Senior Code Specialist
2634 Hartline dr

Rochester Hills, Hes, MI  

Personal Information


Kendall has been a Code Official Since 1992 after completing several years in the Fire Protection Trades, from smaller firms to Dow Chemical, Dow Corning, and the Midland Nuclear Plant as a licensed Mechanical Contractor during its conversion to natural gas, responsible for plant systems acceptance and engineering changes. 

Kendall is currently president of the ICC Chapter of  the Metropolitan Mechanical Inspectors Association, past president of the ICC Chapter of Mechanical Inspectors Association of Michigan, also participating in the ICC Code Development Process by attending FCAC, BCAC meetings and sitting on various work groups. Kendall has been deeply involved in his peer groups education since 2001, also teaching community college for four years.
Kendall currently works for Ino-Tek of Romeo MI providing technical, educational support, both internally and externally to Engineering Firms, Architectural Firms, Fire Code and Building Code Officials.

Another area of involvement is providing: Hazardous Materials Opinions and Reports as required by the Building and Fire Codes to assist in the rapid approval and acceptance of the use of hazardous materials within the work environment.

Founded in 1996, Ino-Tek is the Leader for the Design, Installation and Service of Turn-Key, Code-Compliant Life Safety / Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems.  Our customers include leading manufacturers, universities, research institutions, hospitals, municipalities and even the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  With over 2200 Code-Compliant Life Safety Systems installed across the United States, Canada and Mexico, Ino-Tek is the supplier of choice when it comes to keeping people safe around hazardous materials! We keep over 100,000 employees safe from hazardous materials everyday.